Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Poor mems' Game

Poor Mens' Game,,,,,,,,,,,,,     
    History of Sri Lanka goes back to more than two thousand years ago. Then our poor man’s Game also going back to same years and had not been mentioned. this game very interesting and competitive for all of poor villages near costal belt and all districts.
            Frist they played using Candjana  sticks and seed of “ Kaduru” for their free time. The main task for poor Men’s earn a living but they have also had a past time game when they have a leisure after they collected their harvest they gather near fade filed with their family and played this poor man’s Game.
            All Villagers’ divided in to tow group two or three group and played it’s include men and women that was very interesting for all of them. Day by day it was improve little children also played like their parents. Near village team also participated One team won the game or defeated all of them deliver their entertain.


Entire Villagers participated harmony and well manner. When they played exchange theirs views and ideas as well as delicious Food   prepared by them. All villagers , neighbors and relatives contest against each other’s but no anyone harm for these hospitable poor villagers . These historical event expanded all over the country within few years as their past time game.
            Few years back villager’s make a one excellent group in their village and its include young man within the village and beautiful name excellent all-rounder name as a team captained. this was not an imagination report of someone we also did and show our elders activity in the field between 1960 – 1970. Lots of people gathered near Paddy filed and they played well manner in the ground. Then we can imagine how our ancestors played this poor men game like this. All competition was very interesting for every one Little, Young and Old Both men and women. All the villagers   cheer team players for their determination.

Likewise all villagers young and old one divided in to two or three group played in evening two or three hours for practice excellent young and Old players selected for their village team for contest next harvest time against near village team.    

Elle (pronounced el-lay) is a traditional Sri Lankan sport . There are 16 players to a side and all of them play in an inning. Traditionally Elle has two innings per side but modern Elle games are limited to 50-ball matches and 20 ball matches .  The batter can be struck out (with three strikes) but in Elle there is no strike zone.

           NAME: T D Sebastiyan (Sebastiyan Master)

NAME:  M Anthony

NAME:   S Neel Rupas Silva

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